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Clinical laboratory results influence 70% to 80% of all medical decisions made by health care providers.


Selecting a quality laboratory that keeps pace with the rapid advances in health care and laboratory medicine helps ensure that health care dollars are spent on the most appropriate treatments and therapies that benefit patients. Lenco's testing services provide clinical value, building knowledge that can lead to earlier detection, diagnosis, and more effective treatment through quality information, innovation, and convenience.
Industry Standard

At the forefront of our service commitment is quality laboratory information, which has its foundation in our standardized laboratory systems and rigorous quality management program. Our clinical laboratory utilizes industry standard testing measures using the same test codes, specimen requirements, instrumentation, reference ranges and operating procedures. Clients benefit from reliable laboratory information to provide a seamless flow of testing information to medical practitioners if the need arises to move specimens. We continually maintain the highest level of efficiency, which enables us to offer cutting-edge diagnostic testing that result in lowered medical costs. 
Online test scheduling is now available with Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory. We continually expand our testing services as more tests come to market and per the requests of our clients.
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